2013 High School Trip

Trip Overview:
  • Travel dates: July 5-18, 2013.
  • Countries to be visited: France, Czech Republic and Germany.
  • Cities to be visited: NYC (group will gather in NY area on July 5), Paris, Prague, Munich and Regensburg.
  • Opponents: French 18U and 21U National Teams, Czech 18U National Team, Swedish 18U National Team, Belgian 18U National Team, French and German "major league" teams. 11 games expected, weather permitting.
  • Group size: 22 players, 4 staff members.
Basic Trip Itinerary:
  • July 5 - Gather group in NYC area, attend NY Yankees game.
  • July 6 - Team practice, NYC sightseeing, depart NY on group flight for Paris, France.
  • July 7-10 - Games and sightseeing in Paris.
  • July 10-14 - Games and sightseeing in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • July 14-17 - Games and sightseeing in Bavaria, Germany (Munich, Regensburg, etc.).
  • July 18 - Return to NY on group flight from Munich Airport.
Game Schedule/Results:

          Date        Time              Opponent                                  Location                           Score  

  • July 8      4:30pm          France Junior NT                        Paris, France                   7 - 7 
  • July 9      2:00pm          France U21 NT                           Paris, France                   6 - 8
  • July 9      5:30pm          Paris University Club                  Paris, France                   5 - 12
  • July 10    9:00am          France Junior NT                        Paris, France                   5 - 2
  • July 11    10:00am        Sweden Junior NT                       Prague, Czech Rep          7 - 1
  • July 11     2:30pm         Czech Republic Junior NT           Prague, Czech Rep           6 - 11 
  • July 12    10:00am        Sweden Junior NT                       Prague, Czech Rep          8 - 3
  • July 12     3:00pm         Czech Republic Junior NT           Prague, Czech Rep          13 - 5
  • July 13    10:00am        Belgium Junior NT                       Prague, Czech Rep          6 - 2
  • July 16     6:00pm         Regensburg Legionaere               Regensburg, Germany      1 - 11
  • July 17     6:30pm         Haar Disciples                            Haar, Germany                 6 - 3
Trip Staff:

Each of the staff members listed above has had significant experience coaching and/or teaching HS and college student-athletes, 2 of the staff members have significant national team coaching experience, and 2 of the staff members have significant professional coaching experience.

Trip Cost: $4,895 (includes all basic intra-European travel expenses [i.e., ground transport, lodging and meals] and all training and competition-related expenses, but excludes airfare to/from Europe and health insurance).  
Important Notes: 
  • Staff members are available via cellphone and email at all times during the trip to respond to emergencies.
  • Although the legal drinking age in most parts of Europe is 18 (or even less), OWB has a strict policy against alcohol consumption by HS trip participants.  Violations of this policy or other rules of personal conduct will result in the violator being sent home immediately (at his family's expense).
  • As OWB's trip participants serve as de facto ambassadors of US baseball, excellent sportsmanship is promoted and expected, and all OWB 2011 and 2012 trip participants did a superb job in this regard.
  • Parents and other family members of HS trip participants are welcome to participate in this trip at their own expense.  In 2011 and 2012, several family members traveled along with the OWB team.