Founder Testimonials

Stephan Rapaglia

"I have known Stephan for over 20 years. He is a talented and respected coach with a contagious passion for European baseball."

- Neal Huntington, Current General Manager - Major League Team

"During his 6-year tenure as GB Head Coach, Stephan assembled a squad of players and staff that transformed the profile of the GB National Team and far exceeded all expectations. By improving the ranking of the GB team from 10th to 2nd in Europe, and to 21st in the world, Stephan proved beyond doubt his ability to motivate and coach successfully at the highest level of international baseball."

- Alan Smith, Former General Manager of the Great Britain National Team

“In my time with Stephan, he has demonstrated unmatched vision for the international baseball experience and a profound expertise in European baseball.”

- Brant Ust, Former AAA player, Former member of the United States and Great Britain National Teams

"To know Stephan is to know that baseball is his true passion. His intelligence, knowledge of the game, professional background and commitment to others make him a valuable commodity in the baseball world at any level."

- Charlie Sullivan, Current Area Scout (South Florida/Puerto Rico) - Major League Team

"Stephan is not just a baseball man. He is a 'Renaissance Man' who knows the game and its history, and he will undoubtedly continue to shape its future."

- Jason Greenberg, General Manager of the Great Britain National Team

Tom Gillespie

"Tom has over 10 years of experience playing and coaching the game of baseball abroad. His knowledge of the game, talent for teaching it, and positive rapport with players and coaches is widely recognized. His passion for the game, along with his European cultural and travel expertise, has established him as a go-to guy for all baseball matters European."

- Matt Parrington, Head Coach of Macalester College

"Having played for and coached with both Tom and Stephan I can attest to the fact that these two guys are not only great coaches but great people also. Their trips to play ball in Europe have been some of the best baseball experiences in my life, and I would recommend any young player interested in travelling whilst playing baseball under two of the finest coaches I have met to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity."

- Will Lintern, Head Coach of the Great Britain Junior National Team, Player for the Great Britain Senior National Team