General Information

Trips can be arranged...

    • for individuals, groups, or full teams at the high school, college and adult levels.

    • for spring, summer, or fall.

    • for locations throughout Europe.

    • for periods of up to 2 weeks.

    • for players and/or spectators.

    • with balance between on-field playing opportunities and off-field cultural experiences.

    • with full or partial coaching staffs, or just experienced tour leaders, depending on the composition and needs of the travel group.

For sample trips, please click the "Sample Trips" link in the sidebar.

Trip costs will generally include all basic intra-European travel expenses (i.e., ground transport, lodging and meals) and all cultural and competition-related expenses.

Trip participants will not be able to travel without valid passports. As of today, however, U.S. passport holders do not need to obtain visas in order to participate in trips to Western Europe.

Note: Although OWB is primarily oriented towards baseball-related travel, OWB also has the necessary expertise to deliver custom softball-related travel experiences in Europe.

High School (HS) Trip Information

OWB believes that the current trend in US youth sports toward increased specialization and year-round play has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the primary disadvantages is that HS athletes are often required to forego special life experiences because of their sport commitments. This need not always be the case, however, and OWB is designed to provide HS-age ballplayers with a wonderful life experience while simultaneously providing a great baseball experience. HS-age trip participants will have the opportunity to visit notable European sites and interact off the ball field with their European counterparts, while simultaneously having the opportunity to receive high-level coaching and to play against challenging competition.

OWB's HS trips are best suited for highly-motivated, mature and intellectually curious HS student-athletes. First-class coaching will be provided, with an emphasis on preparation for participation in college baseball. Each player will be treated as a "whole" person and taught (or reminded of) the skills and strategies needed for a successful on- and off-field transition from the HS level to the college level.

    • HS trips will have not less than a 6:1 player/coach ratio.

    • Depending on the nature and size of the travel group, HS trips may include supplementary staff members such as athletic trainers, mental performance coaches and/or college baseball advisors.

    • HS trips will include cultural experiences such as meals with European teams, city tours and visits to important cultural sites.

    • HS trips will also include down time at team hotels, in city centers and at swimming pools or beaches (weather permitting).

    • Although the legal drinking age in most parts of Europe is 18 (or even less), OWB has a strict policy against alcohol consumption by HS trip participants. Violations of this policy or other rules of personal conduct will result in the violator being sent home immediately (at his family's expense).

    • As OWB's trip participants will serve as de facto ambassadors of US baseball, excellent sportsmanship will be promoted and expected.

    • Parents and other family members of HS trip participants are welcome to participate in HS trips at their own expense and with their own transportation.

For information regarding OWB's several HS trips to Western Europe, click the links in the sidebar.