2013 High School Trip - Feedback

Spencer Kulman (Wofford College, Class of 2017)

[The OWB trip] was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Over the last two weeks I learned so much from you that I will be able to bring to college with me. I want to thank you for all that you did for me on this trip and I am truly blessed that I got to share this experience with you.

Matt Kozemchak (Lehigh University, Class of 2017)

You taught me what it meant to represent yourself and your country and how special something like that can be. Everything I learned during this trip has helped me become a better baseball player and a better person, which will both help me next year at Lehigh.

Chris Day - Father of Charlie Day (Holderness School, Class of 2015)

OWB '13 was a transformative experience for our son. OWB's emphasis on playing baseball at a high level combined with offering the boys a profound cultural experience (not to mention the healthy camaraderie that develops among these college bound student athletes) made this trip one that our son will never forget. As parents we were very impressed with the organization of the trip. The itinerary was well planned and executed and the OWB staff provided thorough communication on a daily basis so that families at home could experience the trip along with our sons. For us perhaps the most important moment of the trip was getting an email from our son describing a solid effort on the diamond that afternoon but then taking even more time to describe the haunting and sobering experience of touring Dachau concentration camp later in the day. To us this exemplified the value of a trip such as this. Old World Baseball is a remarkably well run program that should not be missed by soon-to-be college student athletes!

Mary-Jane and Bill Masella - Parents of John Masella (Haverford College - Class of 2017) and Michael Masella (Oberlin College - Class of 2017)

We cannot thank you enough for everything that you did before and during the trip to make it absolutely perfect in every respect. You are all wonderful role models for John and Michael.