2016 High School Trip - Feedback

John Medich - Rhodes, Class of 2020

This was without a doubt the trip of a lifetime. Through Old World Baseball I was able to experience and witness so much in a fairly short period of time. My first thoughts go to how impressed I and my family were about the organization of the trip every step of the way. The amount of planning that must have been required blows my mind. It undoubtedly led to a very positive experience everywhere that we went (and that was a lot of places).

Brendan Galvin - Princeton, Class of 2020

I can honestly say that [the trip] was one of, if not, the greatest experiences of my life. The whole time I was excited and engaged. I know it takes a lot to create an environment like that, and so thank you so much for that. I had an amazing time exploring each city, and then every day I was excited to play ball. At the beginning of the trip, you told us that Thoreau quote about "sucking the marrow out of life," and throughout the trip I constantly saw the accuracy of that statement and reminded myself to embrace that philosophy. You guys felt like both friends and coaches during the trip, which I really appreciate. Although I couldn't even think to enumerate all the takeaways from the trip, I feel definitely culturally enriched and that I am a better baseball player. I've really seen the difference of applying the team's philosophies in my college league. I hit a homerun in my first game back and I wished it was just a game earlier so we could've had at least one. Now that I'm really missing the trip, I'm definitely trying to take a summer semester in Germany at some point in the next few years, and then maybe even play over there at some point.

Again, the trip was amazing at every point.

Updated August 2017: "I just wanted to say thank you for all your help with my baseball activities this summer. It was absolutely incredible. I had a great time working out in Munich, and then playing for Ireland was even more amazing. I did very well in Dublin and can’t wait to go to the Euros next summer.

Sara Kimbell - Mother of Eli Kimbell - Princeton, Class of 2020

The Kimbell family can't thank you enough for this incredible opportunity for Eli and the whole team! This was certainly the trip of a lifetime! Eli came home with so many amazing stories about the experiences he had, on and off the field. The best part, besides the baseball he said was meeting the guys. Friends for life. The other best part was Amsterdam, but everything was "the best". The food (France), the camaraderie, something about "sauce", meeting the opponents (especially the French), the sights, the tours....the laughs, being part of this amazing team, playing all the games....Truly amazing. Thank you for the suburb coaching and conditioning, your excellent leadership, and an amazing trip! It couldn't have been better! (unless we were there too! lol!).

Rick and Kelly Bates - Parents of Darren Bates - Returning OWB Player

You guys were first class in every respect. What an amazing experience for Darren and he is definitely looking forward to doing it again next summer!