2018 High School Trip - Feedback

Michael Helton - Macalester, Class of 2022

I first want to say thank you for running a fantastic trip, I am sitting in an airport lounge in Cape Town now a little removed from the Europe trip and ready to be home. Being a little removed from the trip I am so grateful I was invited and physically able to go on it, it was a once in a life time experience that I will never forget and I made friendships that no doubt I will carry on for a long time.

This trip reignited my addiction to playing baseball that had be forced to the back burner for the last 6 months.

Coaches: You guys were absolutely amazing. [Pags], Cronk, X, Deano and Gillespie complement each other so well as you have experience coaching along side each other over the years. Each one of you added a different mood, perspective, and skill set that without having even one of you on the trip would have caused it to not be as special. So thank you and the whole staff for giving your time and effort to being amazing coaches and kick ass people.

Luke Smith - Haverford, Class of 2022

I just wanted to thank you very much for providing me with the wonderful opportunity of playing baseball in Europe! My experiences both on and off the baseball field are some of the most memorable times I have ever had. The trip was very well organized and everything ran so smoothly. I felt that I was able to grow as player and become more prepared for college baseball. All of you shared your extensive knowledge which was so incredibly helpful as I (and many players on the team) learned so much in just the short period of time we were on the trip. Furthermore, the sightseeing was amazing and I discovered so much about European culture and history. This was my first time overseas and after the awesome time I had on the OWB trip, I’m ready to go back and explore more of Europe.

Once again, it was an absolutely fantastic experience - one that I will remember for a lifetime, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for being a part of the Old World Baseball trip!

Mark and Amy Wurth - Parents of Sam Wurth - Lehigh, Class of 2021 (2-time OWB participant)

We just wanted to express our thanks for such a well planned and exciting trip. Sam returned from the 2017 OWB trip thinking that the experience could not get much better, but the 2018's 10 days topped his expectations with the rich blend of new cities and competitive baseball.

We also wanted to thank you for your daily emails and for being so responsive and accessible. The coaching staff made a good trip into a great trip and we could not have asked for more.

Ford and Cindy Bartholow - Parents of Drew Bartholow - Emory University, Class of 2021

(2-time OWB participant)

As I have observed in the past, the experiences you provide the players is so fantastic that it has no peers. Our family has so many terrific memories from your trips, and we hope future families experience the same. OWB and your team have a special place in our hearts.

Joel Rozner - Parent of Alex Rozner - Centre College, Class of 2022

As I spend my last night in one more beautiful castle town I wanted to reach out and express my incredible thanks for allowing Alexander to participate in the Old World Baseball program. It far far exceeded any expectation I may have had for some good baseball but as importantly a cultural experience made possible because of Alexander’s baseball talent. Other than having him get a few more hits there isn’t a single thing either he nor I would change.

Rachel Friedman - Parent of Davis Friedman - Rochester, Class of 2022

Davis had a WONDERFUL time. He loved all of it…every minute. He said the accommodations and the food were all great. He especially said that the unique experiences in Venice were really special, as well as, all the areas where you had local connections.

Claudia Callaway and Steve Davidson - Parents of Jake Davidson - Undecided, Class of 2023

Steve and I are so appreciative of the overall experience that OWB provided for Jake. We knew that the baseball experience would be fantastic. We had no idea that the cultural experience would be as well. Jake arrived home ready to put in the hours necessary to improve his game. And, of course, Jake will be applying to join you next Summer.

Tanya Landry - Parent of Steven Landry - Tufts, Class of 2022

Words cannot express our gratitude to Old World Baseball for the incredible journey and support you provided to Steven.