2019 High School Trip - Feedback

Bill and Suzanne Diaz - Parents of Nick Diaz, Ursinus College, Class of 2024

On behalf of the Diaz family thank you so much for such a terrific experience for Nick and all the boys. He can’t stop talking about since he got home. The updates were absolutely wonderful and I felt like I was also on the trip.

Nicholas had the time of his life!!! Thank you for all the attention to detail!

Luis Uriarte - Father of Lucas Uriarte - Ursinus College, Class of 2024

As time has passed, we have heard more and more details from the trip from Lucas who thoroughly enjoyed the trip and loved the entire experience. I still can't get over what you guys put together or thank you all enough!

A real heartfelt thank you to you and the others for putting together a truly amazing, action packed and unforgettable trip. We are still amazed by all that you managed to organize and do and the experience you provided for the guys. What a unique and incredible trip! I know it is something Lucas will never forget and that he likely built bonds that too will last a lifetime.

Karen Esposito - Mother of Tim Esposito - Undecided

Thank you all for this amazing trip. Tim had a great experience playing baseball, and enjoyed all of the sightseeing as well. From my end, I think you did a fabulous job with all of the logistics - you sure kept them busy, and everything was so well planned that they got to see and do so much in addition to the games. As a parent I truly appreciated the gamechanger and all of the other updates; I normally don't use Twitter or Facebook but activated old accounts to follow and was so glad I did and grateful to you for the updates!

As for the games, the team was lucky to have the opportunity to play with you as coaches and to face these national European teams. I can't think of any experience that would compare and give them such exposure to the world at this age. Thank you again. And congrats on the undefeated OWB "season!"

Jeff Antolick - Father of Brady Antolick, Ursinus, Class of 2023

Just love it!! I think the only two words Brady has used to describe every aspect of the trip have been great or awesome!!

Elizabeth DeFeo - Mother of Nicholas DeFeo, Ursinus, Class of 2022

Thank you for giving our son, Nicholas, an experience of a lifetime. He hasn’t stopped talking about his experiences both on and off the field! He is so grateful to have been given this opportunity and is looking forward to the possibilities that may come. What you give these boys is more than baseball, it’s an experience and I’m glad my son had this chance.